• Samplers comply with EPA regulations and methods.

  • Each patented, contamination-free Sampler (9/16" or 1" dia.) has a 2" stick-out on bottom for ready-fill sampling of viscous liquids and semi-liquids.

  • Made of translucent, unmodified polypropylene for superior chemical resistance. Resists acids, alkalis, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, ketones, aldehydes, esters, oxidizers and glycols. 

  • The sampler itself can serve as a sample container for non hazardous samples to eliminate the mess and inconvenience of sample transfer.

  • Teflon® Coupler Set  available to combine any two of the five 1" I. D. sampler type together to increase sampler length.

Semi-Solid Sampler 

This POWERFUL tool will extract semi-solid and high viscosity materials.  It works like larger heavy duty syringe. The tube is made unbreakable polypropylene and is resistant to most chemcials and acids. It has a bottom cap to secure the samples for short time. The piston of the sampler makes removing the sample easier and more complete. 


  • Meets CFR 40 and SW-846 of EPA Regulations & Standard Methods